1. What you should know and tips on how to improve neck pain

There are various types of neck pain and it is important to firstly, have this assessed by a Physiotherapist so that we can tailor advice, treatment and exercises specifically for you. 

The three most common types of neck pain include:

  1. Neck pain and Headaches – often presents gradually over time with an increase in intensity of symptoms. This may be related to posture (sitting or sleeping) and can be aggravated by stress.
  2. Wry Neck – an acute (sudden) onset of pain.  It often feels as though the neck becomes “locked” in one position, and is characterised by reduced motion. This loss of movement is often due to the vertebrae (bones) and cartilage within the joints becoming temporarily “locked.”
  3. Whiplash – Often related to an incident/accident, where there has been a sudden stop or change of direction from impact. This often causes pain and reduced movement in the neck or upper back. There has often been some trauma to the ligaments, joints, muscles and nervous system, due to the sudden change in direction of movement. 

Common Treatment Methods used at Physio One;

It is important to contact your Physiotherapist as early on as symptoms present.  At Physio One, assessment and treatment is tailored to each unique patient. Commonly treatment may involve;

  • Soft tissue release
  • Gentle joint mobilisation
  • Dry needling
  • posture re-education
  • stretches
  • strengthening exercises

Tips on how to improve and prevent neck pain;

Physiotherapy plays an important role in individually assessing each patients spine and understanding different lifestyles.  Key areas at Physio One we focus on, include;

  • sitting/standing/lifting posture
  • sleeping habits and posture
  • exercise routine
  • lifestyle, work-related stressors
  • teaching self-management strategies to work with you towards improving pain

All of our Physiotherapists are qualified and experienced in treating a variety of different types of neck pain. Please contact the clinic directly or you can book online via our website, if you would like to work with us in helping you to return to enjoying the activities you love. 

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