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Vestibular Physiotherapy

We provide Vestibular Physiotherapy services

Dizzziness can often be a symptom of inner ear disorders. BPPV is one of the most common inner ear disorder, which affects a large part of the population. The inner ear organs play an important role in helping us to detect where our body is in space, which direction  and the speed we are moving at. When there is disruption to the inner ear organs and the small crystals inside, there becomes poor communication between our inner ears, our eyes and body. This can make it hard for the brain to process the confusing inputs and often leads to dizziness occurring. You may feel nauseous and as though the room is spinning or when you turn your head roll over in bed, a sudden dizziness. BPPV, along with other inner ear disorders, Physiotherapy can assist with. It is important to have an assessment and follow advice, complete specific manoeuvers and exercises to improve symptoms of dizziness.