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balance class
mobility class

Balance & Mobility classes are gym based, mild to moderate intensity with a focus on static and dynamic balance. The primary goal of these classes is to minimise the risk of falls & trips that can occur when an individual’s muscle strength, co-ordination & spatial awareness begin to reduce.

Exercise type and intensity are tailored by our physiotherapists for each client based upon the client’s goals and pre-existing physical limitations. Any client can join & benefit from the classes, regardless of level of mobility.

All classes are physiotherapist led to ensure maximum effectiveness of each workout and client safety.
Balance & Mobility classes can be effective managing the following:
– Improving muscle strength
– Improving poor proprioception and spatial awareness
– Falls prevention
– Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis
– Cardiovascular disease
– Pulmonary disease
– Improving hand/eye coordination and reaction time
– Improving static and dynamic balance