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Lissy Changuion

Lissy is our clinic’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, and plays a role in integrating Pelvic Health (Women’s/Men’s/Trans Health) into all areas of musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.  Lissy has undergone post-graduate training in Advanced Pelvic Health Physiotherapy; bladder and bowel, sexual/pelvic pain, antenatal/postnatal care and pelvic floor rehabilitation.    

In particular, Lissy has an unwavering passion to educate and empower patients to respect their bodies, along with learning to live an active life despite chronic pain, pelvic health changes or injury. With experience working in Women’s clinics, closely working with Obstetricians, Gynaecologists, Colorectal Diagnostics and Gastroenterologists, she has come to understand the importance of females prioritising their pelvic health (bladder, bowel, & sexual health). Not only does pelvic health impact the way we feel emotionally and mentally, but also impacts how we interact with others, our relationships and life activities we participate in.  

Lissy is a huge believer in a holistic approach to Physiotherapy, which often involves a multidisciplinary team model of care. Her nature is enthusiastic about working with patients to fulfil their individual health goals, and overall balance and wellness is a strong passion of Lissy’s.  When Lissy isn’t at the clinic, you can find her doing some sort of outdoor activity or at the beach.