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Chris Gill

Chris has been working in Private Practice Physiotherapy since graduating from the Australian Catholic University and has been working with Physio One since 2020. Chris has extensive experience working with a multitude of musculoskeletal, sporting and neurological conditions with a keen focus on providing treatment plans that both enhance a client’s functional capacity and reducing their pain.

Prior to entering the physiotherapy profession, Chris worked as a personal trainer and project support officer for QLD Health Metro North Hospital and Health Service. Based upon his extensive health experience, Chris believes in the importance of utilising a multifactorial approach built on the pillars of manual therapy, exercise & behavioural management to maximise a person’s health outcomes. To that end, Chris spearheads 1 to 1 and class exercise management at Physio One, which incorporates strength & conditioning, balance and mobility, clinical pilates, pelvic health and neurological condition management.

Outside work, Chris is a keen lover of all things food, feel free to share any great food tips of your own!